Memory foam mattresses:

Memory is a word that has become commonplace for some time. But at the same time behind this concept there is a lot of nebulosities and so many people when they enter our stores, ask us for more complete explanations: “But is the memory latex?”, “What does it memorize?”, “But it takes my shape and then the groove in the mattress remains? “,” Is it true that it is hot? “. These are just some of the many doubts of people.

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What is Memory Foam?

Memory foam is foamed polyurethane foam, able to adapt precisely according to weight and body temperature. It is a viscoelastic material with high resilience, it is able to mold itself and, once the weight of it raises to return slowly to the original position. On the subject of mattresses, memory is considered the most anatomical genre. It is the one that allows the most precise adaptation to the confirmation of the human body.

Memory is a kind of mattress:

It should be remembered that when we talk about memory we refer to a kind of mattress, there is not just one type and for this reason, the difference in quality and price is very variable among the various products.

The main aspects to consider are the origin of the material, quantity, and density of the memory, composition, and structure of the inner layers. Then there are many other aspects to consider in the mattress: total height of the product, type of covering, padding, net on which the mattress rests, accessories, etc.

Is memory foam the right kind of mattress for everyone?

When a customer enters the store and asks us for memory, we immediately ask if they know the characteristics. If the answer is: “Yes because my friend just bought it and feels good.”, then, for the purpose of an informed purchase, it becomes necessary to investigate some issues.

The mattress is a very subjective product, it cannot be said that there is one better than the other in an absolute sense. However, there is the best support for individual needs. To choose correctly it is very important to know the product, to understand the pros and cons, weighing them over the long term.